Meet Bethany

Bethany Raab, LCSW, ACS

Founder, Lead Instructor & Clinical Supervisor


Folks, we do incredible work.

We listen, teach, advocate and encourage. We celebrate our clients' journeys of healing and growth.

Yet WE suffer.

We are overwhelmed, unsupported, and underpaid. We get sick, stuck, and burned out.
Society tells us, "you didn't become a social worker for the money."
We tell ourselves, "we're not in it for the income, we're in it for the outcome."

No more.

We need to get our sh*t together. Serious professionals demand more, achieve more and help more.

We need to get organized. Its time to learn skills in advocacy and business. Its time to leave jobs that wring us dry and crush our spirits. We must find - or create - workplaces that serve us as much as we serve them. 

Its time to get busy revolutionizing the social work field.

In addition to a successful therapy practice, I have supervised more than 100 social workers in clinical practice and consulted with dozens of mental health professionals. I am the President of the Colorado Society for Clinical Social Work. And, unlike many people in mental health, I've trained extensively in business and macro-level social work.

Whether you're looking for supervision or consultation, we'll get to work taking your social work career to the next level and changing the world. 


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